Rescue Equipment Product Range

Vetter Air-Lifting Bags

Vetter has been a worldwide market leader for a number of years, and produce a comprehensive range of products, including:

  • High Pressure Lifting Airbags and Accessories with Lifting Capacity up to 68 tonnes
  • Low Pressure Lifting Airbags and Accessories with Lifting Height up to 110 centimetres
  • Hazardous Material Protection including Leak Sealers and Collection Tanks
  • Aircraft Lifting Bags and Aircraft Recovery Products
  • Decontamination Tents and Showers
  • Pipe and Test Sealing Bags
  • Oil and Water Aspirators
  • Shoring Struts

Vetter Low Pressure Lifting Bags

Due to their smooth power and their extremely high adaptability to every type of unevenness, Vetter lifting bags enable careful recovery of vehicles which have rolled over.

Vetter pressure bags, including the rescue set 14.5 psi (1.0 bar) EN 13731, are used where large heights and exceptional adaptability is required but still maintaining constant "smooth power". For example, lifting and erecting overturned vehicles, especially thin-walled body parts of cars, buses, lorries and trains. However lifting bags are also the quick and safe solution in emergency situations such as supports in pits or in the rescue of trapped people and animals.

The CON-SPACE system

The CON-SPACE systems provide continuous 100% Interference free communications between a worker(s) and their attendant. The Con-Space communications systems are comprised of a headset worn by the attendant which is connected to a control console. The control consoles accepts one worker or up to three (more with added modules). The 3 worker unit can have a separate audio alarm that can be activated by the worker in the event of a distress situation. At the end of up to 1500’ of cable the worker can use a earphone/throat Mic or in a non toxic environment a hands free powered voice amplifier receiver.

Systems can be put together to suit your particular application or you can choose from a variety of kits available for all types of industries.


The 24" long TAC-Stick senses electrical shock danger from a distance. Up to 500 ft. in case of typical unshielded transmission lines. 15 feet away from 120 volt power leaks.

Even in the dark of night the TAC-stick warns of unseen dangers. A simple ring turns the unit on and off. Turn to the HIGH setting, listen for the beep and wait for the flashing light. Continue high setting until general direction is determined. Use the FRONT FOCUSED setting to pinpoint the source. Both the beeping sound and LED flashing will become more rapid as you come closer to he source. Ship. wt. 1.5 lbs.

AJAX® Air Hammer Rescue Kits

For Extrication and Emergency Cutting Applications

This tool cuts open factory and fire doors as well as autombiles. It can even be used to chip concrete in confined space operations. Compact enough to be carried in police cars, fire trucks and other rescue vehicles--wherever a rescue team is needed. Each kit includes a 15'L heavy-duty, double-braided hose, couplers, connectors, a protective gauge guard and air tool oil. Securely store your kit in a 20"L heavy-duty box with liner and dual latches. All of these kits are so adaptable that they will operate with fresh air tanks, compressors, nitrogen bottles, cascade systems or air brake outlets. Compatable with 2216-psi or 4500-psi air tanks.

Standard-Duty Rescue Kit contains a long-barreled hammer, six nonturn chisels and one turn-type, moil-point chisel.
Heavy-Duty Rescue Kit offers a stronger, more powerful air hammer with 14 chisels in both turn and nonturn styles.
Super Duty Kit features the most powerful and hardest-hitting hammer. Includes non-turn and turn-type chisels for universal applications.
Master Kits also include a 1/2" impact wrench and 11-piece deep impact socket set.

Vehicle Stabilisation Kit

LUKAS supports serve to safely stabilize vehicles and support loads during rescue work. They prevent dangerous movements of accident vehicles which may become unstable when cutters and spreaders are used.

Docking Tent

Couples all tents belonging to the MT-series to form a large tent area.

Couple an unlimited number of tents to form a tent town. Use the docking tent as an optimum protection against the effects of climate and weather or as functional space e.g. as an operation centre. As with all tents, we offer you numerous options for individual layout design.

MT 60

Very large medical tent for a maximum of 12 persons.

If you are looking for versatility, top quality and many well-thought-out features giving you operational ease then look no further because Vetter´s MT Series offers all these factors in one package. The practical width is of great advantage when beds are positioned crosswise because this means that there is a gangway of 1.5 m available for medical staff and equipment.

The Pelican Remote Area Lighting System

Model : 9430

  • Up to 15 hours of burntime
  • 2000 lumens of brightness
  • Maintenance Free LED Array with life expectancy of 50,000 hours
  • Fully extendable mast with 360 degree rotating head
  • Low Battery Warning System
  • Waterproof Rubber Activation Switch
  • Mast Extension Lock

The Pelican Remote Area Lighting System

Model : 9470

The Pelican 9470 RALS Remote Area 4 LED Lighting System uses solid-state mounted LED's coupled with a thermally efficient light engine along with a Pelican 1610 Protector Case. This Pelican Flashlight gives the user the ultimate maintenance-free portable floodlight station to get the job done efficiently, safely and on time. The Pelican 9470 RALS houses four of its light heads and its multi-stage charger for that total self contained convenience.