Hazmat Equipment Product Range

Gas Tight Suits

We supply a full range of chemical protective suits for any Hazmat operation. From "gas-tight" chemical protective suits in both re-usable and limited-use materials.

  1. Type 1a - "gas-tight" chemical protective suit with a breathable air supply independent of the ambient atmosphere, e.g. a self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus, worn inside the chemical protective suit.
  2. Type 1b - "gas-tight" chemical protective suit with a breathable air supply, e.g. a self-contained open-circuit compressed air breathing apparatus, worn outside the chemical protective suit.
  3. Type 1c - "gas-tight" chemical protective suit with a breathable air providing positive pressure, e.g. airlines.

Limited Life Gas-Tight Suit

A limited-use Type 1a "gas-tight" Hazmat chemical protection suit covering both the wearer and the breathing apparatus. Supplied with safety gloves and either integral heavy-duty safety boots or integral socks. Suitable for use with all types of self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

Disposable Coverall Splash Contamination Suit

We also offer disposable coverall splash suits that is designed for use in conjunction with self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) worn on the interior of the suit. The suit is manufactured from Tychem F a high performance barrier material produced by DuPont Nonwovens.

Leak Sealing

Leak sealing without tension belts on clean areas having a slight curvature and smooth strucutre. The Vacuum leak sealer does not have cumbersome belt guides. They seal the leak by vacuum suction power. The sealing bags are supplied in two versions. Leak sealing by the LD 50/30 VAC is made by flexible suction cups. Two problems are solved with the round Vacuum Leak Drainage Bag: the leak is sealed and the liquid drained away via the drainage chamber.

Both bags are used on tanker vehicles, large containers and storage tanks.

Vetter has a wide range of leak sealing plugs to cater for any emergency.


For incomparable protection for your small gear, explore our UltraBox line. With six sizes to chose from, custom options, and rugged construction, the UltraBox is expertly designed to keep small things safe. This is the ideal box to safely store your gas detection equipment and other electronic equipment in.

Plugging and Sealing kits

We offer a wide range of leak sealing kits, this includes the following:

  • Internal pipe plugging kits
  • External pipe plugging kits
  • Wooden cone and wedge kits
  • Universal sealing kits
  • Tank and dome sealing kits
  • Plugging putty kits
  • Non sparking tool kits

The Universal AE NS Kit is a combination of all the HAZMAT Leak Sealing solutions a first responder could wish for in a small lightweight unit.

The "AE" Kit has everything needed to plug small to medium holes in any type of low-pressure vessel. Covers cracks, hairline cracks and pinholes of all shapes.

The Kit features screw and T-Patches, ball & taper surface plugs, epoxy putty, lead wool, barrier tape and all necessary tools, made of non-sparking material.

Non Sparking Tools

  • Two kind of materials: Copper-beryllium (Cu-Be, which provides the better mechanical properties), Aluminum-bronze(Cu-Al)
  • All tools are forged rather than cast, guaranteeing maximum tensile-strength.
  • We supply a wide range of non-sparking tools such as socket wrenches, pipe wrenches, adjustable wrenches, striking tools, pliers, pipe cutters, wedges, punches, chisels, wrecking bars, pinch-bars, screwdrivers, shovels, chain block, etc.
  • The tools can efficiently avoid rising spark when tools strike, rub or collide with target in explosive atmosphere or flammable vapors such as oil and gas works, petrol-chemical plants, explosive manufactories, mines, shipyards, pipeline construction, armed forces, pharmacy, airports e.t.c.