Firefighting Equipment Product Range

FIRE FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera

Portable thermal imaging cameras for firefighting support us

The HF-Series are rugged handheld thermal imaging cameras that can be used for firefighting applications.

Thermal imaging cameras do not need any light whatsoever to create a crisp image. And maybe even more important for firefighters, they can also see through smoke. With a thermal imaging camera you can remotely assess the effectiveness of ongoing firefighting activities, assist with the direction of extinguishing activity even in smoke filled areas outside, find your way around in the ever-growing smoky environment due to extinguishing efforts and/or in areas already extinguished but filled with residual smoke.

A thermal imaging camera will also give you useful information about parts of a fire that are still hot. These areas need to be extinguished again in order to prevent spontaneous recombustion.

Convert your current skid unit into a full on Compressed Air Foam System

SwiftCAF™ Portable Compressed Air Foam System

Intelagard is pleased to introduce the SwiftCAF product line. At last, complete versatility in a compact and powerful Compressed Air Foam module. The SwiftCAF provides unique advantages in mobility and is the ultimate tool for providing Compressed Air Foam capability in a wide range of configurations.

This unit simply connects to your existing skid unit, and then in minutes you have the full advantages of a CAF system by using your existing skid unit.

SwiftCAF provides the power of independence and mobility without the aggravation of spending a lot of money on complicated systems.

Adding the SwiftCAF to any size skid unit is a snap with the incredibly compact size of this CAF unit. Measuring only 280MM by 190MM by 114 MM, the SwiftCAF easily fits in the tightest of compartments. The unique quick mounting platform allows you to take this CAF capability with you to the remotest of areas and generate CAF from the energy of an SCBA cylinder or a standard air compressor.

The SwiftCAF is ideal for most portable applications due to its lightweight, minimum space requirement and self-contained energy source. The SwiftCAF is perfectly suited for rapid incident attack or response, especially for use in restricted access emergency situations and cross country, off-road and rugged terrain situations.

Should you require more information or a demo on the SwiftCafs unit, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Fire Ladders

We supply a full range of proffesional fire ground, pumper and attic ladders. Over 75 years of experience in the manufacture of the highest quality Fire Service Ladders stands behind each of our ladders. All our Aluminum ladders feature welded and expanded rungs. This two step process makes certain the rung joints are as strong as the ladder beams, and no looseness can develop.

Our Aluminum Fire ladders feature 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, 3 centimeter corrugated rungs and welded rung joints. Our range of extension and roof ladder models are all rated for 340 kilogram load with a 4:1 safety factor. All Ladders meet/or exceed all applicable standards as established by the National Fire Protection Association for Fire Service Ground Ladders at time of manufacture.

The Fyr Flote

The Fyr Flote is a lightweight, portable centrifugal pump mounted on an unsinkable, high-strength polyethylene float with dual carrying handles and a splash suppression collar. A high-volume model (20FV-C8) and a high-pressure model (20FP-C8) meet most every pump need — in as little as four inches of water. Weighing just 49 pounds, the Fyr Flote stores easily in most truck compartments. It includes an automatic recoil starter, a spark arresting muffler, and an engine overspeed control switch.

We also have a wide range of portable pumps available.


GRACE Industries offers two models of the SuperPass. The SuperPass III is an NFPA approved PASS device meeting the current NFPA standards. The SuperPass II is the prior model that no longer meets NFPA and is recommended for NON-FIRE applications.



Skull Saver

SKULL SAVER Keep Back Style Protect firefighters from the hazard of protruding ground ladders ends at the rear of apparatus with the original ladder end cover.

None of your pumper ladders should be without one of these.

Portable Flow Testers

Use the Portable Flow Tester to determine the flow and pressure capabilities of a suppression system, flow test automatic nozzles, pumpers, or hydrants, calibrate equipment, test hydrant systems, or teach hydraulics in real situations.

The Portable Flow Tester is an instrument that will measure flow rate directly without using charts or doing calculations. The tester is designed around the FRC INSIGHT digital flow meter and a paddlewheel type flow sensor mounted in a flow tube.

The Portable Flow Tester consists of a shock resistant Pelican case into which a panel is mounted containing an INSIGHT digital flow meter, a power switch, low battery indicator, and cable connections. The Pelican case also contains a rechargeable battery and an AC charger/power supply. A slot cutout in the front panel allows for the storage of cables.

The Flow Tester can be powered by its internal rechargeable 12 volt battery, a 120 VAC source, or an external 12 VDC source (with optional cable). The battery charging unit is mounted inside the box. To charge the internal battery plug the cable into the AC CHARGER input on the front panel and connect the other end to a standard 120 VAC electrical outlet.

Standard Features:

  • Programmable for Multiple Diameter Flow Tubes
  • Totalizing Flow Function
  • High and Low Flow Warnings
  • Models for Flow and Pressure Testing with Optional Pitot Tube

Paratech Forcible Entry Tools

We offer the complete range of Paratech forcible entry tools. The Hooligan Tool is one of the world’s most popular forcible entry tools. These heavy-duty tools were designed to pound, puncture, pry, twist, and cut all types of barriers encountered by emergency service personnel. The head and claw are forged from high alloy steel, heat treated for maximum strength, then fitted to a 1" (2.5 cm) stress proof bar. The bar has machine grooved non-slip grips.

The Hooligan Tool features a newly designed claw that is gently curved for maximum prying leverage. The claw opening is parallel and fits over locks, hasps and many door bars. It can also be used as a nail puller and a gas shut off during emergencies. The new "Highway Hooligan Tool" features a new metal cutting claw with a machine sharpened metal cutter that uses the can opener principle to cut heavy gauge metal and composites.

We have a full range of heavy duty bolt cutter, crow bars and other fire and rescue hand tools.

UK3AA eLED CPO Tail Switch

When our customers demanded a flashlight with superior LED technology that was also lightweight and affordable, UK constructed the 3AA eLED CPO. It is the most compact light in its class, so it can go anywhere you go, via pocket, belt pouch, or helmet clip. It features an entirely waterproof design for all weather use.

  • Thermal Recovery System transfers heat from LED to warm batteries for better cold weather performance
  • Proprietary Compound Path Optics (CPO) permits high efficiency and compact size
  • Push-button tail switch switches light between ON/OFF with continuous or momentary action
  • Waterproof design for all weather use
  • Beam produces a bright spot with almost no peripheral light so nearby personnel are not affected
  • Powered by 3AA / LR6 Alkaline cells
  • Can be mounted to any helmet or hard hat using a UK helmet clip
  • High impact ABS, LEXAN® and polyurethane rubber, construction for durability (CI D1 model)
  • High impact PC/ABS/Graphite, LEXAN® and polyurethane rubber construction for durability (ATEX model)
  • Proudly made in the USA

Super Q eLED Rechargeable

The Super Q® eLED® Rechargeable flashlight is the gold standard for small lights. When UK originally released it in 1974, it revolutionized handheld lighting forever. Our newest generation has raised the bar even higher. It is incredibly small and bright, with the added feature of a rechargeable lithium ion battery and our latest eLED technology.

  • Proprietary compound paths optics permit high efficiency and compact size
  • Beam produces a bright spot with almost no peripheral light for improved visibility in murky water
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery or in an emergency 2 optional 123-type lithium batteries
  • Universal 90-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz USB power supply and USB powered charging cradle included
  • Energy conservation design transfers heat back into batteries for longer burn time and improved cold weather performance
  • High impact ABS, LEXAN®, polyurethane rubber, and stainless steel construction for durability
  • Proudly made in the USA

HangAir® Drying System

Power dry your gear with the HangAir, a system that dries in hours, not days. Using a built in high power fan, the HangAir dries your suit faster, slows the development of bad odors, and prolongs the life of your gear. Its strong structure and stainless steel hook can support up to 100 pounds! Ideal for scuba wet and dry suits, fire and electrical protective wear, leather cycling gear, etc.

Protective Clothing

  • Bunker suits
  • Fire Jackets and pants
  • Rescue Suits
  • Grass Fire Suits
  • Fire, Rescue and Drivers Boots
  • Fire and Rescue Helmets
  • Flash Hoods
  • Fire and Rescue Gloves
  • Grass Fire Masks
  • Overalls

Pistol grip Fire Fighting Nozzles

  • Tough anodized aluminium construction
  • Constant selectable litreage – flow remains constant in all patterns
  • Multiple pattern détentes for positive pattern positioning
  • Change flow without changing pattern and flush without shutting down
  • Tight straight stream and 110 degree wide dense fog pattern
  • Quality stream performance even at low pressure
  • Excellent for use with inductor and foam tube
  • Inlet filter mesh prevents blockages caused by stones
  • Replaceable spinning teeth

Portable Compressed Foam System

Totally portable for rapid-fire response

  • Fully independent of hoses or other umbilical support systems
  • Easy to operate with a foolproof point and shoot activation
  • Comfortable for a wide range of body types
  • Effective in optimizing the performance of Class A, AFFF, AR-AFFF, protein, fluoroprotein, decontamination foams and hazmat remediation formulas
  • Dependable performance, high-quality construction
  • Adaptable: utilizes wide range of air cylinders
  • Available with optional air compressor port
  • Affordable and easily refillable

Bakkie Mounted Skid Units

The Intelagard H1 Intercept is a compact and very effective transportable fire fighting that includes Intelagard Compressed Air Foam (CAF) deployment technology.

The self-contained system comes complete with on-board fluid reservoirs 379 liters standard, 2.5 cm standard flat lay or non-collapsible fire hose on a reel, a foam nozzle and shutoff valve, and can be configured for either compressed gas cylinder power or an on-board air compressor for long term, large scale operations. Fluid tanks can be either single tank with integral foam cell for fire applications or patented binary tanks for optimal use with multiple component decontamination solutions such as EasyDECON (DF-200).

The compressor powered unit also functions as an air compressor station for maintenance and service operations and filling of inflatable shelters, showers and bladders in the field.

The H1 Intercept system has been designed to be fully draft capable in order to feed directly from bulk containment of decontamination solutions or other resources for efficient long term operations. The powerful self-priming 2.5 cm pump system is capable of up to 6.3 m of vertical fluid lift. The accessory undercarriage nozzle allows user to effectively decontaminate underneath vehicles without compromising protective gear.

The H1 Intercept offers multiple configuration options to meet diverse needs. The standard system comes equipped with 30 m of 2.5 cm flat lay hose in a hose tray with a pistol grip shutoff and foam nozzle. Options include non-collapsible host on a reel, and additional nozzles for effective liquid deployment, vehicle undercarriage decontamination and medium expansion foam for vapor suppression operations.

GOMTEX Fire Fighting Hose

A 3 layer quality synthetic rubber fire hose with a perfectly woven textile reinforcement. We are in a position to demonstrate that in the manufacture of GOMTEX only top quality materials are used.

The rubber compound penetrates through the weave of the textile reinforcement forming a compact unique layer, in such a way that the textile becomes encapsulated internally and externally in the rubber compound.

Construction Specifications:

  • FIRST LAYER: Smooth low friction drop nitrile inner lining, which resists attacks from the most aggressive liquids.
  • SECOND LAYER: Internal High Tenacity Polyester/Nylon textile reinforcement, with a weave designed to enhance strength and flexibility.
  • THIRD LAYER: External nitrile rubber coat, which protects the textile and at the same time is used to bond the inner layer and textile reinforcement tightly. Ribbed to facilitate manipulation and improve abrasion resistance.
  • GOMTEX fire hose is resistant to: abrasion, acids, chemicals, cold, cracking, delamination, heat, kinking, oils, ozone, weather, etc.
  • Standard colour: RED. Other colours (blue, NATO green, grey, orange, yellow, etc.) available subject to minimum order quantity.
  • Available in longer lengths.
  • Temperature range:-30C to +50C, even tougher conditions are achieved.
  • Maintenance free: needs no drying after use.
  • Easy to coil, wet or dry.
  • Repairs: ask for repair instructions.
  • Available with several Internationally recognized approvals.
  • Worldwide distribution.
  • GOMTEX can also be obtained with a pronounced heavy rib for superior abrasion resistance.
  • Cost-efficient manufacture in a single extrusion.