Hamilton Hydraulic Services was founded in 1995 and mainly focused on the servicing and repairs of Hydraulically Operated Rescue tools. And today 15 years later we have grown into the leader of servicing and repairs for all makes of Hydraulically operated Rescue tools. We have a dedicated workshop and we carry a good range of spares. Our technicians are well trained and highly experienced. We service and repair the following:

  • All makes of Hydraulic Rescue Tools
  • Portable fire pumps and PPV Fans
  • Chainsaws, Carborundum Cutters, Recip Saws and all rescue equipment
  • Fire Hoses and nozzles

We will make one of our loan sets available to you whilst we service and repair your tools.

When you look at our logo “ BECAUSE YOU NEVER GET A SECOND CHANCE” you can clearly see that we understand you…. All our personnel are from the emergency services and that means that we get you. We understand what you want and we understand what you need. We are dedicated to bringing you the highest standard in equipment, and backing that up with after sales service second to none. The emergency services is a very specialized business and therefore we strive in supplying only specialized equipment. Our dedication, passion and commitment to this industry can be seen in the world quality names of our agencies. These includes AIRSHORE, DARLEY EQUIPMENT, HURST, INTELAGARD, LUKAS, UNDER WATER KINETICS and VETTER to name but a few.

Over the past years our equipment range has grown extensively and our prices more competitive. We would be honored to contact you and personally discuss your requirement and perhaps arrange for a visit to your station or office where we could show you our equipment in action. We have a full color 154 page catalogue with all our equipment available on cd, so send us your details and we will post you this free cd.